Industrial heritage and coal mining in North Moravia offers a guided tour of the actual equipment and appearance of chain dressing rooms, guildhall, lamp house, pithead, access bridge for the men from the lamp house and engine room with the original technical equipment

In 1843 the Austrian state mining fund opened Michalkovice pit No. 3, later called after the imperial adviser Michael Laier. In 1856 the mine passed into ownership by the Ferdinand Northern Railway Company, which owned the mine up to the nationalisation in 1945. In 1946 the mine was renamed after a left-wing leader in Ostrava region and a Socia-Democratic deputy of the Austrian Rechtstag, Petr Cingr. The present technical state of the mine site has been preserved in the original condition from 1912 – 1915, when the mine was fully reconstructed, making one of the most modern and progressive, fully electrified mining companies. The construction of buildings was entrusted to a well-known architekt František Fiala. The mine site maintained without any substantial changes till June 1993, when it was closed down. It is an exceptional unit of electrical hauling equpiment and compressors, preserved in their autentical place of operation, in a state of the last working day. In 1995 the mine site was declared a national cultural monument and since April 2000 it has been opened to the public.

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